Want to Know How To Change Habits? Try These 3 Easy Tips

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to live a charmed life?  I’m referring to those individuals who appear to have magical powers to attract things and circumstances they want into their lives. This ‘magic’ power can be attributed to their daily habits.  These... read more

Loss Of Motivation and What to Do About it

Today’s topic is all about something that’s usually overlooked. It’s loss of motivation and what you can do about it when it happens. Most times, people are so surprised when they become demotivated that they may start to doubt themselves and wonder whether it’s... read more

Beach Side Reflection about How Do I Overcome Fear?

While soaking up some late day rays on the georgeous beach in San Juan, the water had a calming affect. I started thinking how people seemed very carefree as they walked, body surfed, ran and really seemed to be enjoying a perfect Sunday afternoon. I’m guessing... read more

3 Cures For the Universal Question: How Do I Overcome Fear?

Fear! Just the word alone can send shivers up the spine of some people.  It evokes fantasies of the worse possible outcomes and can cripple you from living your most fabulous life. Most people are so trapped by fear, they allow it to control their lives.  If you’ve... read more

How To Set Goals That You Can Actually Achieve This Year

As we welcome the new year, it’s natural for most people to think about how to set goals so they they can make this year the best year of their lives.  If this sounds like you and you’re ready to get what you want in life, you’ll have to commit to... read more

4 Effective Strategies To Reinvent Your Self and Self Image

A common enemy that attacks most people’s dreams and goals is not having a strong and healthy self-image.  This hidden self is responsible for helping you to achieve your heart’s desire or hindering your progress.  A negative self-image can prevent you from... read more

Building Self Image and Self Esteem in Your Life

Self Image and Self Esteem can go hand in hand.  A huge problem most people struggle with day to day is they are simply frustrated why they fail to get the things they want.  One thing to consider why you may not be getting what you want is the war within.  this... read more

An Empowered Conversation with Catherine Rinker

In this conversation, I speak with Catherine Rinker, a certified dream coach and passion test facilitator. She is passionate about helping people release old traumas, beliefs and emotions that keep them stuck and unfulfilled. Click to listen in.... read more