Fear! Just the word alone can send shivers up the spine of some people.  It evokes fantasies of the worse possible outcomes and can cripple you from living your most fabulous life. Most people are so trapped by fear, they allow it to control their lives.  If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “how do I overcome fear”, you’ll be relieved to know you’re in good company.  In this article, I’ll provide 3 quick cures to help you live a life free of limitations.

Cure Number #1: – Become Aware of the Two Types of Fears

If you’re ready to overcome the gremlin of fear that stops you from living the life you deserve or even doing the things you want to do, I want you to become aware of the two types of fear.  There is normal fear and there is abnormal fear.  Normal fear is necessary for survival of the species.  It helps to keep you safe and prevents you from impending and real danger.  This is a fear that serves us. Abnormal fear is what most people experience and desire to overcome.  This is a type of fear that is based on your ego.  This type of fear causes you to think you are not good enough and not worthy.

Cure Number #2: Know the Reason You’re Fearful

Most people become aware of abnormal fear when they want to grow and expand.  It’s our human nature for growth and expansion. However, your ego’s purpose is to stop you from doing so.  Can you see how this presents a huge conflict? The ego wants to protect you; and its version of protection is to keep you from playing a big game in life.  When you have the desire to expand and grow, the ego will use its tool of choice, which is fear, to stop you cold in your tracks.  It will cause you to fantasize, but in reverse.  You’ll fantasize about the worse possible outcomes, which is all in your head.  By dwelling on the false visions dancing in your head, the ego becomes delighted. It wins and gets to pull the same old stunts over and over, until you say Enough!  Your ego shrinks as you rise to your greatness, so its sole purpose is to stay alive and expand.  Just as your purpose is to stay alive and expand.

Cure Number #3:  Stay in the Present

This very moment is called the present, which you may have heard before.  Treat it like the gift it really is.  When you stay in the now, or in the present moment, you start the process to overcome fear.  Most of your fears happen when you revisit your past.  You worry about the outcome of your actions and how they may impact your future. Or, you may experience fear by anticipating the future.  Anticipation is what makes envisioning the future fearful.  Most fears of the future are about making the worst of an upcoming event.  A helpful cure you can start using RIGHT NOW is to stay present.  Fear can be overcome by living right now and not worrying about past events or anticipating future outcomes.

Let’s recap the three cures you can use to overcome your fear.  Become aware of the two types of fear, normal fears which contribute to self-preservation and abnormal fears which you imagine with the worst possible outcome.  Realize your ego is there to protect you and will pull out all the stops, chiefly fear!  Your ego knows you intimately and realizes it can prevent you from become even more fabulous by causing you to be fearful with images and thoughts about the worst possible scenarios.  By staying in the present, where fear does not live, you can build your muscle of overcoming fear.

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