Fear is such an emotionally charged topic in that it has the power to virtually control all areas of your life. This powerful 4 letter F word can limit the possibilities available to you, but only if you give it the fuel it craves.

Don’t get me wrong, fear is something that can protect you, for example, if you see a car speeding towards you, the raw fear, the one that is self-preserving gives you the instinct to get out of harm’s way. This is the fear that serves and protects us some of the time.

The other type of fear that limits us the the fantasizing we do — but in reverse! We think of all the worse possible outcomes, how things are going to be so awful, the anxiety of doing something new. These thoughts about how terrible things will be if we take an action is usually what prevents us from achieving the goals we set.

It’s usually the anticipation of things not going the way you envision. For example, as a flight attendant, I occasionally meet the ‘fearful flyer’. Although I cannot remove their fear completely, I usually give them a little pep talk. I share with them that the anticipation of getting off the ground is actually worse than the reality of getting off the ground.

They may be imagining the plane sliding off the runway, jumping out of the plane on a plastic escape chute or being caught in a fire storm.

Mark Twain had a great quote and it fits here. He said, ‘Some of the worse things in my life never happened’.

And that’s how anticipating fear happens.

Here are 3 tips to help you conquer fear the hold you back from living life by design.

1. Realize that what you are thinking about — fantasizing, is usually about the worst outcome. Instead, try fantasizing about how taking an action or actually going through with a task can bring benefits you enjoy. In other words, stop anticipating the worse, expect the best instead.

2. Have the confidence in yourself that you can handle just about anything that life throws your way. There are countless resoureces, a sea of information online and people willing to help you as long as you simply reach out to them. Once you start telling yourself that you are capable of handling whatever happens to you, the power that fear has over you begins to lessen.

3. This tip has the potential to either propel you in life or hold you back. When you experience fear, you have to still take action, even though you’re afraid. I suspect people think that those who they perceive as courageous never experience fear. The truth is, EVERYONE experiences fear, however the big secret is they still take action DESPITE the fear. By walking through the fear, you will have taken the first step in conquering fear, which is to take action while still being afraid.

Fear is something that can prevent you from living the lifestyle you are worthy of, but only if you allow it. Imagine all the great things you can contribute to others simply by overcoming and managing your fear because you are worth it.