Self Image and Self Esteem can go hand in hand.  A huge problem most people struggle with day to day is they are simply frustrated why they fail to get the things they want.  One thing to consider why you may not be getting what you want is the war within.  this is the war of what you want and how you don’t feel worthy of having it.  This is referred to as your internal struggle with your self image.

Your self image is the invisible self that only you knows about.  This is the view you have of yourself .  The image you may project to the world may be totally different  than the view of the image you have inside.

Until your visible self you project to the world and your invisible self are in complete and total alignment, you will continue to be frustrated when you go for your goals and start thinking there’s something wrong with you. 

This is because you will never do more than your self image believes you can!

Building a strong self image and self esteem are subjects that are not usually taught about in our school system.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember Self Image and Self Esteem 101 being a course for me to take.  This is something that would be beneficial to us for the rest of our lives.

The image you have of yourself will cause you to think, feel and act in certain ways to accomplish your goals and dreams. Model and learn from those who are already living the lifestyle you want.  Start thinking of yourself as the way you want to be, the qualities you want to project and the values and beliefs you currently have.  A few minutes spent each day envisioning how you want to live your life going forward will pay off in huge dividends.