As we welcome the new year, it’s natural for most people to think about how to set goals so they they can make this year the best year of their lives.  If this sounds like you and you’re ready to get what you want in life, you’ll have to commit to the results you want to create, and take the right action in the right order.

But with every passing year, many people are sadly reminded of what they failed to accomplish in the past year.  It may appear on the surface that you failed to get what you want in life, but I like to think of this as research and development. It can be totally frustrating when it feels as if you’re repeating the same life, year after year, despite the changes you want to make.

The great news is that 2011 brings the gift of a  fresh start.  Before you get started on your new year resolutions, ask yourself, what’s not working in your life.  Instead of the traditional goals you want to achieve, what are you aware of that you want to change this year?

This month, I want to challenge you to do JUST ONE THING. I want you to share what’s not working in your life.  What is one thing you can do to bring you closer to your goals this year? Not 2 or 3 things, but JUST ONE THING.

I want to hear from you.  Share your frustrations about why you fail to get what you want and what solutions or help you need.

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Note: Here’s the FREE Resource I mentioned in the video.