Have you ever looked at successful people and wondered what exactly do they have that you don’t? Most likely, they have a strong belief system that fuels their life. When I speak of a belief system, I’m not referring to any type of religion.

I’m referring to the ideas and the thoughts and interpretations you have about yourself. Successful people are able to overcome the thoughts that they are unworthy. The majority of people that feel that success has passed them by often have an internal tug of war going on.

It’s this tug of war that causes them to feel undeserving. Although they may have bold visions or goals for the things they want to be, do or have in life, success eludes them. They may have followed the traditional process of creating vision boards, writing their goals down on paper, and even reviewing them daily and are still waiting for their goals to manifest.

The daily struggle is the silent enemy within that constantly tells reminds them how success may not be in the cards for them. This is the inner voice whose primary goal is to convince you that you are unworthy of creating a lifestyle of your choosing. Rather it informs you that you should be thankful for what you have because there are others who love to be in the position you’re in.

There is nothing wrong with with wanting more, it is natural for human beings to aspire for a better lifestyle. However, you can still express gratitude for what you have, but we all want to elevate our lives.

Once you realize your beliefs shape the lifestyle you are living, either good or bad, you can redesign the way you live by transforming limiting beliefs in to supporting beliefs to help you be the best person you can be.

A proven process to eliminating limting beliefs is to first identify them. Once you do, it’s time to challenge them, because most of the time they are false.

Are your beliefs truly accurate or was it your perception of what happened as well as your interpretation and the meaning you gave to it. Re-frame the experience to one that supports your new life and encourages you to go for the dreams and goals you have.

Do this for each limiting beliefs. While it’s not an easy process to relive negative experienes, the rewards are totally worth it. Schedule some time to do this exercise and begin living by design and not by default by creating new beliefs.