Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Does time seem to be speeding up the older you get? There may be an unlikely culprit keeping you stuck in life’s holding pattern is physical and emotional clutter that has crept into your life over the years.

I’m going to share with you a three step solution you can use today to start letting go of clutter and declutter your life in the process.

We all have excess material things and possibly people in our lives that may cause us chaos. When you are constantly reminded of the clutter in your surroundings, you simply don’t have the energy to do the things you want.

I got an email the other day with a new definition for CHAOS. It stands for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. If this happens to describe you, it’s time for a life cleanse — the equivalent of a body cleanse.

Part of the process of letting go of clutter is acknowledging the emotional junk causing you to accumulate clutter and stay stuck in life.

Perhaps you have been running a con game with yourself and pretending things are OK, but you know deep down they’re not.

If you’re re worried all the balls in the air you’re juggling are going to come crashing down, here’s help.

Step 1: Make a Decision

Become aware that things are not going the way you want them to. Here’s how clutter begins. It starts out harmlessly. It’s barely noticeable. You continue to bring things into your home, but you never get rid of anything.

Then one day, you just can’t find anything whatsoever. Perhaps finding your keys turns into a weekly major event.

If you don’t make a conscious effort, maybe on a monthly basis to purge the junk in your life and home, you’ll end up using energy you could be using for something else much more important to you.

Until you change your thoughts about how clutter is controlling your life, the clutter will come back no matter how much you throw out.

Flush out what’s not working in your life. You’ve heard of the fat flush? Well think of this as the lifestyle flush. Become aware that what you’re doing is currently not working.

Make a decision to start decluttering your life, both physically and emotionally.

Step 2: It’s All In Your Head

Most self help books will provide you with information to help you effect just about any type of change. But unfortunately, information by itself is simply not enough.

We’re already drowning in a sea of information. If you don’t get clear on WHY there’s so much clutter in your life, all the information, seminars and possibly coaching you receive may be all in vain.

To make room for the lifestyle you want to live, you’ve got to do some emotional decluttering.

Another self defeating emotion that inflicts many people is guilt. Guilt revolves around living in the past and in the future.

And when you do this, you can’t live in the moment.

Spending your life energy worrying about the past or the future is a one way street to feeling bad about yourself. You can’t rewind to the past and you can’t fast forward to the future. So you’re not even living in the now. You’re Stuck!

Step 3: Release Toxic People and Thoughts

Take a look at yourself. If you’re tired, stress, overwhelmed, it may be you’re trying to live up to other people’s expectations and, you’re sick of it.

Perhaps you’re afraid to make changes because of what others may think of you. Here’s another choice you need to make for yourself.

Are you more committed to what people think of you or are you more committed to getting your life back on track?

If you’re more committed to getting your life back on track, you’ll have to reduce the time you spend with toxic people. I’m referring to those who are dream stealers.

They take delight in bursting your bubble, negative Neds and Nellies. They can even be your family members, spouses or worse yet, your boss. These are the types of relationships that will take up a lot of your energy if they are toxic.

Toxic thinking is another area of mental clutter. You must get absolutely crystal clear on what results you want. By clarity, I mean that if what you wanted appeared in your life, you would know it. Once you decide to clear the clutter, make a plan and so something every day to bring you closer to your desired result. You must do it in baby steps or it will become overwhelming.

A toxic environment can also be physical clutter. If you house is bursting at the seams, you may not need a bigger house. You may just need to get rid of things that you have no intention of ever using again. Physical clutter can sometimes be a manifestation of what’s going on in your life.

Resist the automotive self defeating thoughts constantly rolling around in your head. These thoughts give you a false impression that you are powerless to control the clutter, both mentally and physically.

When they appear, stop them immediately and think of how great it will feel to declutter your life.

One of the best ways of letting go of clutter is to acknowledge it and move on. You are where you are. Live in the moment. Act on the 3 solution provided and take baby steps each day to detox your life.

If you happen to find yourself stuck in life and want to stop asking yourself, why am I unhappy, I invite you to download my Totally FREE Get Off Your Buts Video program.