Just like millions of people, I also fight the battle of the bulge. However, since completing my book, No More Big Buts, I made a decision to tackle my big butt (that’s but with two t’s). It’s easy to say, “I already know that”, about losing weight, but for some reason, the tempatation to give into calorie laden foods and skip exercise is intoxicating.

I turned to books, as I love to read to find a solution. The Beck Diet Solution and The 3 Hour Diet are resources I’ll be using during my journey to release the excess weight.

The 3 Hour Diet claim a health weight release of 2 pounds a week is idea. A slow and steady reduction allows skin to shrink and not be left with excess skin, something I’ve been concerned about.

Another tool is to find out your bmi, you can do that with a free bmi calculator for women here! Besure to have a tape meansure handy.

However, I think the rewards are great, extra skin or not, there’s always surgery right? I hope to get a jump of my new years resolutions with weight loss. My goal is 8 pounds a month, so I’ll weigh in again on January 2, 2012.