It’s that time of year again, a time when change and anticipation is in the air.  For most people, thoughts usually turn to how they can make the upcoming year the best year ever!  If this year didn’t live up to your expectations; it’s OK.  There’s no need to have a pity party.  I’ll provide six solutions you can use in the final days of 2010 to give your self and self image  a boost for the new year. 

Solution Number 1:  Create Your Own Unique Rituals.

When you take the time to create a set of habits, which can be thought of as a ritual that’s just for you, you give your lifestyle much needed structure.  Cultivating a set of habits that you create can do wonders to boost your self image.  The good news…habits are automatic. The bad news…habits are automatic.  So, as you can see, once you boost your self image, you’ll naturally have the confidence to create winning habits that automatically help you to get where you want to be.

Solution Number 2:  Save Good Things Others Have Said About You.

Most women are raised to discount praise they receive.  We tend to play down compliments; or even worse, over-analyze them.  Accept and enjoy the compliments you get. You are worthy and fabulous.  If you receive a note of thanks, save that too.  It does wonders on those days when you’re feeling a bit down because it’s a super-fast way to elevate your self image.  This serves as a valid reminder of how amazing you are.

Solution Number 3:  Visualize the Things You Want to Accomplish.

Visualizing doesn’t have to be complicated or scary as you may initially think. If you have a hard time meditating, don’t feel pressured to do it.  You can receive similar benefits with visualization.  Visualization is simply about daydreaming and imagining your possibilities.  Be a kid again – get your head in the clouds and reach for the stars.  After all, you’re a rock star!  Consider using visualization as part of your personal ritual as mentioned in Solution #1.

Solution Number 4:  Act As If You’re Wonder Woman.

In my experience, fear is one of the biggest issues that prevent us from living the lives we’re worthy of. The solution here is to act, DESPITE the fear you have.  For those of you that remember this super-hero with beauty and brains, take of your glasses, spin around and embrace your inner Wonder Woman. Start acting as if you’re fearless and begin taking calculated risks.  Don’t allow fear to claim power and be your jailor.  Acting ‘as if’ will boost your self-image by leaps and bounds.

Solution Number 5:  Monitor Your Negative Self Talk Gremlin.

“Who do you think you are” is one phrase this gremlin loves to repeat to you when you try something new.  It tears down your self and self image and the damage can be cumulative.  Unless you have a strong and confident view of yourself, you may occasionally fall victim to this negative self talk gremlin.  My solution is to become aware. When this gremlin with negative chatter sneaks up on you, realize it for what it is and stop it right there. 

Solution Number 6:  Makeover Your Belief System.

Most of the beliefs we have acquired automatically control our self and self image.  The beliefs I refer to are the conditioning you received as a child.  These beliefs are an unsolicited gift from your parents, grandparents and those in authority, such as clergy, school teachers, etc.  Ask yourself if these beliefs still work for you. If not, a makeover is in order.  You can use the six solutions mentioned above to jumpstart the process.

As you can see, the way you feel about your self and your self image can be the controlling force to determine how you’ll fare in 2011.  Make sure to take action and implement at least one of these solutions in the coming new year.