Have you ever wondered how your thoughts about prosperity affect how much you’ll have? Today, I want to talk about something called The Prosperity Paradox.

For those that struggle in the area of prosperity and abundance, it can be considered a mental state of financial delusion. It’s basically a collection of the way you were raised. It includes your cultural upbringing, financial misinformation and conditioning by your role models, those in authority, your teachers, the media, the government, and of course, we can’t forget your parents.

A prosperity paradox works to negatively impact the way you think about money. It also contributes to the way you manage or perhaps mismanage money, as well as how you make money. This paradox keeps you in an state of stress and material lack. Sadly, you face be forever chasing that elusive goal of financial freedom—but never reaching it.

If you’re curuios about the root cause about why you don’t have the money and abundance in your life, The Prosperity Paradox will break it down for you. You’ll learn how to reset your financial blueprint and claim what’s rightly yours.

Allow your thoughts and dreams about financial abundance to manifest.