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Why Am I Unhappy? 5 Reasons That Diminish Joy In Your Life 
By Michelle Greene

Most of us at some point in our adult lives may ask this question – “Why Am I Unhappy”? I’m going to share 5 reasons which may contribute to your unhappiness. I want to introduce you to Nicole. Nicole is sad and unhappy with the life she’s living. Today, you’ll discover the first 5 reasons why Nicole is so unhappy. You may even see glimpses of yourself and how you’ve been absolutely successful in stealing joy from your life!

If you watch children at play, whether indoors or on the playground, you’ll notice the majority of children are happy. Of course, there will always be events in kids’ lives that may cause unhappiness, but this is usually a happy time for most children. 

So what happens to us as we leave the teenage years behind and enter adulthood? We start conforming to adulthood and gradually abandon our dreams. We settle for a life of mediocrity. We tell ourselves we’re being responsible adults and resign ourselves to doing things that simply don’t make our heart sing. Underneath it all, that nagging question “Why Am I Unhappy” raises its ugly head over and over again. 

Reason #1: Unrealistic Expectations

Nicole expects perfection both in people and in the things she does. This quest for perfection causes her undue stress. When things fail to go the way she expects them to, her expectations are dashed and unhappiness sets in – once again.

Reason #2: Settling for a Life of Mediocrity

Unfortunately, Nicole is in good company with several other people in this regard. Because of past frustrations and failures, she wrongly believes her future is set in stone, based on her personal history. To avoid further disappointment, she has resigned herself to living a life of quiet desperation.

Reason #3: Letting Others Control Your Emotions

This one hits home for many people. They let others control their emotions. For example, Nicole works as a salesperson in a department store. When people treat her rudely, she allows their opinion of her to define herself. She gets upsets and then becomes annoyed with herself for giving strangers control over her emotions. This continues the cycle of unhappiness.

Reason #4: Not Taking 100% Personal Responsibility

A surefire recipe for unhappiness is not taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you. This is a bitter pill to swallow because so many people would just love to have someone else to blame. A scapegoat. This way, the pressure is off them and they don’t need to look at the real reason for their unhappiness – themselves.

Reason #5: Not Imagining Your Possibilities

I like to think that imagination is an adult tragedy. As we cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood, we sometimes lose our imagination. Recapturing your imagination, remembering the lost dreams you had and pursuing them will stop you from asking yourself the question “Why Am I Unhappy”. Anything that you want to be, do or have is within you. You must harness the courage to play big.

So there you have it – 5 reasons that cause you to be unhappy. Perhaps you saw a glimpse of yourself in Nicole. When you take life so seriously, it can make you miserable. By embracing one of the natural laws of the universe – the law of polarity, which states that everything has an opposite action, all that you need to do is reverse the first five reasons and start creating the life you deserve.Want to use this article on your website, blog or in your own ezine? If so, just be sure to include the information listed below:

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