I recently returned from a few days in Anchorage, Alaska. To say the scenery was breathtaking is an understatement. Take a look at the pix I snapped, and from a moving tour van.

Being in such a different environment that I’m used to got me thinking about all the ways we hold ourselves back.  We get stuck in the same way of thinking, the same way of doing things, basically we get into a rut.

A change in scenery can work wonders for inspiring you to think differently and imagine your possibilities.  It’s these times we start to think in new ways once we’re removed from our old familiar environment.

The magic starts to happen as you’re inspired with new ideas.  These ideas cause you to think and feel differently and when you think and feel differently, you take inspired correct action.  This trilogy is what can cause you to realize your dreams, reignite old passions and live a life by design and not by default.

I challenge you to see how your environment affects the way you think.  Choose a location, either close to home or far away to visit.  See how you feel when you’re actually in a different place.  I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll think, feel and act differently.

Happy travels and as always, imagine your possibilities.