Declutter To Get Unstuck Replay

This is a replay of a lunch-time telecall I did titled “Declutter to Get Unstuck”. During the next 15 minutes, I’ll share with you three steps can use today to start letting go of clutter and get your life unstuck in the process. The time format... read more

How To Think Outside The Box

This video was shot near the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.  I managed to snap this photo of the bridge which is one of my favorites. Today, I want to talk about big thinking or how to think outside the box. I suspect to build this world... read more

How Your Beliefs Shape Your Life

Have you ever looked at successful people and wondered what exactly do they have that you don’t? Most likely, they have a strong belief system that fuels their life. When I speak of a belief system, I’m not referring to any type of religion. I’m... read more

3 Tips To Overcome Fear

Fear is such an emotionally charged topic in that it has the power to virtually control all areas of your life. This powerful 4 letter F word can limit the possibilities available to you, but only if you give it the fuel it craves. Don’t get me wrong, fear is... read more

Great Ideas to Creating a Healthy Grocery list

So you’ve finally decided your family needs a change in their lifestyle or you’ve run out of “healthy ideas” to keep your family in top shape and just need a few tips on what to buy and what not to buy. Perhaps you have moved out of your parents’ house and cooking... read more

8 Quick Ways to Make Money Online

One of the most popular trends aside from Facebook in cyberspace today is how to make money online. Some people use this as their main source of income while others as a way to earn cash on the side. If you’re looking for ideas on how to do this yourself, here are 8... read more

4 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money Fast With Your Laptop

The state of today’s economy makes many people eager to discover possible avenues to make money fast online. The challenge, however, lies in tracking which websites are viable and which are scams. One of the best ways to make money fast is by using your laptop and... read more

What to do with my life? [Audio Article]

Want to listen to this audio instead? Just click the play button below.[audio:] Four Fantastic Strategies To Stop Saying I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life As we approach milestone birthdays with a zero in them, we may get the... read more

The Battle of the Bulge

Just like millions of people, I also fight the battle of the bulge. However, since completing my book, No More Big Buts, I made a decision to tackle my big butt (that’s but with two t’s). It’s easy to say, “I already know that”, about... read more

2 Easy Suggestions On How To Stop Procrastination

At some point or another, virtually everyone has experienced the effects of procrastination.  Postponing what needs to be done has the secret power to create your life by default.  When you put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today, you end up robbing... read more